The 2.6B: It is an ethical matter.

1,000,000. That’s a million.

1,000,000,000. That’s a billion.

I will never see such amount of money in my account….


The issue of RM 2.6 billion of political donation is already a taint in Mr Najib’s career. Let’s go through some details:

The thumbsup

  • Mr Najib did not break any rules accepting the political donation. Malaysia does not have any regulations on it, unlike the US. And no, this is not subjected to the regulation per candidate expenses during the general election campaign.
  • Politics requires a huge amount of money, especially for running the largest political party in Malaysia. UMNO spent RM284 millions and RM203 million in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Source A good leader always try to add ‘value’ to the party.
  •  Getting that huge amount of money adds cash flow into Malaysia.


The thumbsdown.png

  • Initially, Mr Najib denied accepting the money. But later, after additional ‘revelation’, he confessed of accepting it as a political donation, and not as a personal gain.
  • In this materialistic world, one would question the ‘favors’ and ‘deals’ behind this donation. Is there a foreign agenda? Undeniably, RM2.6B is absolutely a huge sum coming from ‘nowhere’.
  • To date, Mr Najib still fails to clarify the distribution of the money. This is understandable as political money is part of the ‘strategy’ of a party. This kind of information is not disclosed to the public.
  • However, not even a single UMNO leader has concrete knowledge on the whereabouts of the money. The money is not even listed in UMNO’s official account.
  • At the end Mr Prime Minister, it is not about legal issues, but one of ethical and integrity. I pray that you come clean to clear up your name and bring back unity to your party. Please do this for Malaysia.





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