Malaysia Airlines : The Phone System Maze

My sister was traveling back home to Penang from Austria. Her flight plan was:


But her connecting flight from Turkey to KL was delayed as indicated by the red arrow. So I had to call MAB (formerly MAS) on behalf of my sister who was in Turkey to change the flight schedule from KL to Penang.

I called 1 300 88 3000 and as expected, I have to navigate through the automated phone system (is this the right term?) as shown in the figure below.


I can’t really remember the exact hierarchy but the figure above is what’s left inside my brain cells. As you can see, none of the options given by the machine fits my need!

Navigating through this ‘quagmire’ and eventually facing a dead-end is pretty annoying. Worst, imagine if you had to make that long distance from a foreign country!

After 4 tries, finally I gave up at the Local*, let the option left unanswered and get directed to a personnel (I was the 5th in the queue but I don’t mind waiting 7 minutes).

MAB should have an option to let users contact their staff directly.

I’ve filled the feedback form on 29th November 2015 complaining about this. And by the 19th December I still haven’t received any reply. Well, Mr Mueller, I guess the telephone system is the least of your concern in saving the company.


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